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A full-screen video extravaganza.

Check it out.

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Any web-developer will tell you that taking a photoshop file and turning it into working code isn't as straightforward as one would think. In order to keep everything horizontally & vertically centered regardless of the number of artists displayed, each time the site is loaded a lot of math happens taking into account the size of the window the site is being viewed on.

Knowing that there's going to be some loading here, there a custom loading screen was developed.

About Bain Creative

I'm Chris Bain. I'm a web-developer, commercial photographer, and sometimes designer.

I started Bain Creative in 2014, and while it's still just me, I regularly partner with other talented creatives - videographers, copywriters, photo stylists, etc. - for specific client needs. As a company, Bain Creative makes honest, beautiful content and crafts simple, straightforward digital experiences.

Regardless of the project, the goal is always the same - to help companies and brands develop mutually beneficial, meaningful, productive and lasting relationships with their stakeholders. When companies and brands demonstrate, over time, that they care, they earn trust, achieve goals and outperform competitors.

Values are often front-and-center in our work. Customers prefer companies and brands that align with their values. Employees prefer working for companies where profits aren't the only measure of success. And communities support companies that invest in and care about them.  

We would love to help you tell your corporate and brand stories and showcase your values.